Loyalty Program Policy


An exclusive loyalty program for ROCA patrons to encourage passion and love for traditions and ongoing emotional relationship with you and us. Loyalty is the byproduct of a customer’s positive experience with ROCA and works to create trust.

You make a long-term commitment to traditions when you buy from ROCA as you too believe in bringing back the traditional wisdom that has kept our earlier generations healthy and that defies today’s trend of chemically coated, toxic products that pollute our lives.

It is a journey to bring traditions to your home and we are committed to partner with you in your journey in multiple ways. ROCA appreciates your sentiments and gives you another reason to love the natural traditional goodness that brings to your home, through ROCA REWARDS programs.

ROCA Rewards is a loyalty program that adds cash reward points to your ROCA account every time you make a purchase with us. You can redeem the amount on next purchase. This is not an offer but a privilege that every ROCA customer earns always, for the lifetime.

Special privileges:

  • 20 welcome points on your first purchase.
  • 1 reward point for every Rs. 100/- spent on product basic value.
  • Access to previews of new products introduced.

How to redeem the points:

  • Points for current purchases can be redeemed in future purchase and not in the same purchase.
  • At check out, at the bottom, click on reward points.
  • Select the points you wish to redeem.
  • When you click on apply, the value of the points is deducted from your cart value.
  • Then proceed for payment.
  • You can go to my account section and check the number of points earned.

Terms and Conditions

  • The reward points are applicable only for registered customers.
  • Reward points are applicable only on the product basic value.
  • These reward points cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash. They cannot be transferred to another person.
  • These reward points cannot be transferred to a bank account, e-wallet or another user’s account.
  • The reward points will not be applicable in case of cancelled or returned orders.
  • Reward points expires in 6 months and must be used within the same.
  • ROCA has an upper limit on number reward points that can be used in every purchase and one cannot exceed this limit.
  • 1 Reward points is equal to INR 5.
  • Reward point is marketing program.
  • ROCA serves the right to amend, modify, add or remove any part of this program’s terms and conditions without any notification.
  • Thank you for being the patron of ROCA endeavor of bringing back traditions to your home. We promise to make your journey with us as rewarding as possible, always.